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Halloween – Pumpkin Carving

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Events

The 31st of October is Halloween, or All-Hallows-Even, aka the night before All Saints day.  It wasn’t easy finding someone who could tell me why Halloween is a celebrated holiday.

Most people will tell you its about costume parties, trick-or-treat, pumking carving, wearing costumes, and watching horror movies.

I managed to do two of those things.

Costume - lederhosen, from my trip to Germany

Costume – lederhosen, from my trip to GermanyOnce the costume was sorted it was time for pumpkin carving,  something I’ve never done before, or ever thought of doing. 

Step one of course was to buy a pumpkin.  These are easy to find around Halloween, for a couple of quid.  However pumpkins are scarce for the rest of the year.  You can’t even buy pumpkin soup in a can from the supermarket!

Once your pumpkin has been selected the next step is to inspect your pumpkin, and ask it what face it would like.  When you have finished talking to your pumpkin, draw on the face.

Next cut a lid into the top of the pumpking, remove the lid, then start spooning out all the muck that is inside.  Don’t throw away the seeds, put some salt on them and bake them in the oven. Tasty!

Once the inside is hollowed out, start carving!

When the carving is finished, put some lights in the middle, and replace the lid. 

We spent so much time carving pumpkins we didn’t actually make it down to the Halloween party.  So here are some pictures of pumpkins in their prime instead.  Enjoy.


Hannah's Hitler Pumpkin

Hitler and the Triforce